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Dave Guard & The Whiskeyhill Singers

In 1961, Dave Safeguard still left the Kingston Trio, attempting to pursue different musical directions, and in addition annoyed by some shortcomings in the handling from the group’s finances. By the end of the entire year he shaped Dave Safeguard & the Whiskeyhill Performers, enlisting David Whole wheat (who had caused the Kingston Trio as an accompanist), Cyrus Faryar, and Judy Henske. This is quite an extraordinary collection of skill: Henske was an excellent blues-folk singer who go on to create several interesting single albums and some good rock and roll information in the past due ’60s and early ’70s within a duo with her hubby Jerry Yester and area of the music group Rosebud. Faryar, in the meantime, would later sign up for the present day Folk Quartet, play on periods by Linda Ronstadt and Fred Neil, narrate the unusual 1967 Elektra astrological idea album Cosmic Noises with the Zodiac, and be a singer-songwriter single work forElektra in the first ’70s. The wrench in the functions, nevertheless, was that Henske and Faryar had been a long way away from recognizing their complete potential as well as perhaps would not experienced the area to even achieve this in the Guard-led group. Dave Safeguard & the Whiskeyhill Performers’ singular, self-titled record, released on Capitol in 1962, was yet another industrial folk LP through the folk increase, the materials which range from a Woody Guthrie cover to hammy comic music. The most distinguishing characteristic of the organization was Henske’s effective, blues-colored vocals on both her harmonies and the casual qualified prospects she was granted. A lot of the materials, however, had not been an optimum display for her abilities, as her following recording projects proven. The group do record another album, nonetheless it was by no means released, although they do take part in the soundtrack for The way the Western Was Won. They split up in 1963; their 1962 album is currently difficult to find, although one track, “The Bonnie Dispatch, The Gemstone,” appears around the Kingston Trio package arranged The Capitol Years.

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