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Population One

Detroit techno maker Terrence Dixon released a significant quantity of materials under his delivery name and used Human population One for additional releases, from 1994 using the recording Unknown Black Designs. Issued on (after that) fellow Detroiter Claude Young’s Utensil label, the arranged was accompanied by a quartet of singles and EPs, two which presented the logo design of Juan Atkins’ Metroplex. From then on, Dixon put Human population One on snow for a complete 10 years. When the Netherlands’ Hurry Hour celebrated its tenth wedding anniversary in 2007, it reissued “Hurry Hour” — the populace One track that the label was called — and commissioned DJ Rolando, Convextion, and Aardvarck for remixes. Dixon continued to revive People One with a small number of produces on disparate brands. From 2012 through 2014, 12″ produces arrived on Monique Musique, Delsin, Metroplex, and Dixon’s very own Reduction, among various other outlets. By the finish of 2014, Hurry Hour released Dixon’s second People One record, Theater of the Confused Mind.

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