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Metaphysical Jones

Detroit-based Metaphysical Jones thrived in the first area of the brand-new millennium making use of their make of improvisational jazz-inspired jam rock. A staple within the Detroit live music picture from 2000-2003, the music group performed stretched-out first epics, and a healthful dosage of cover tracks. The music group was led by guitarists and vocalists David Gullo and Steve Roginson, while bassist Brett Dodson and drummer Michael Medvinsky curved out the quartet. The band’s high-energy concert events and psychedelic leanings highlighted harmonica, lap metal guitar, and a normal dosage of festive vocal harmonies. Their self-titled debut disk premiered in 2001. The record captured the band’s frantic concert events. Kurtis “Catnip” Katzenmeyer documented the record from different live shows. The group disbanded in early 2003.

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