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Handful of Hate

A black metal music group from Lucca, Italy, Couple of Hate not merely deal in content of tragedy and horror, but were actually given birth to from it, when founding bassist Ugo Pandolfini found an untimely demise in 1993, departing his key coconspirator, vocalist/guitarist Nicola Bianchi, to transport on without him, while juggling an ever-changing band of backing music artists. Nevertheless, Bianchi provides steadily transformed Couple of Hate into among Italy’s most dependable and prolific intense metal bands, because of albums often enthusiastic about deviant sexuality like 1997’s Qliphothic Supremacy, 1999’s Hierarchy (both of these focused on Pandolfini), 2003’s Vicecrown, and 2006’s Gruesome Splendour, and also a couple of EPs sprinkled on the way. By 2009, Bianchi was encircled by guitarist Deimos, bassist Nicholas, and his sibling, drummer Andrea Bianchi, for the documenting of Couple of Hate’s 5th full-length, YOU CAN Bleed.

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