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Hans Judenkünig

Judenkunig was a German lutenist and instructor who visited Vienna before 1518 while the last many years of his existence (1518-1526) were spent there. The principal efforts that Judenkunig designed to the musical globe had been his two pedagogical lute books. “Utilis et compendiaria introductio” founded a basis for playing …

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King Sejong

Known respectfully as “THE FANTASTIC,” Ruler Sejong had a serious influence on the linguistic evolution of Korea. The 4th king from the Choson Dynasty and the first ever to be affected from delivery by Confucianism, Sejong produced the Korean alphabet and a phonetic composing program that he dubbed “Hun Min …

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Walter Lambe

Walter Lambe was a significant transitional number in British music from the past due fifteenth hundred years. He was an elected scholar of Eton university by 1467 and in 1479 became a clerk from the choir at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. Lambe changed members from the chapel who got …

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