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Son of Bazerk


The sharply outfitted Son of Bazerk and his similarly dapper cohorts — Cassandra (aka MC Halfpint), Almighty Jahwell, Daddy Rawe, and Sandman, collectively dubbed Simply no Self Control — delivered the remarkably explosive Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk for MCA in 1991. Made by the Bomb Squad and boasting the turntable abilities of Open public Enemy’s Terminator X, the record highlighted the dizzying Adam Brown-inspired “Modification the Style,” one of the better singles released during rap’s fantastic age. Two various other singles — “Bang (Obtain Down, Obtain Down)” and “What COULD POSSIBLY BE Better Bitch” — didn’t capture on in addition to “Modification the Design,” however the album all together stands proud close to the Bomb Squad’s various other classic productions.

Quick Facts

Full Name Son of Bazerk
Music Songs What Could Be Better Bitch, Change the Style, J Dub's Theme, Bang !, Sex, Sex & More Sex, Are You Wit Me, The Band Gets Swivey on the Wheels, One Time for the Rebel, Trapped Inside the Rage of Jahwell, Lifestyles of the Blacks in the Brick, N-41, Part One, I Still Swear On A Stack Of Old Hits, Honesty, What Could Be Better Bi***
Albums Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk (feat. No Self Control and The Band)

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