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Bob Alexander

Someone who must ask what “hokum” is may possibly not be equipped for the answer, however the whole subject matter was not discussed much today, despite rings such as for example Billy Ransom & the Hokum Males touring in the southern USA in the ’80s. In the ’20s and early ’30s, the thought of “hokum” was commercially practical plenty of to inspire many competing rings to contact themselves the Hokum Males, the Famous Hokum Males, and undoubtedly the initial Hokum Boys. It could all become summed up as, well, hokum, but that is where this Bob Alexander makes his entry. He was among several musicians who have been in and out of the configuration known as the Hokum Males, and later on the Famous Hokum Males. Others within this constellation, which often actually sat right down to record its novelty amounts being a trio or quartet, also included pianist and vocalist Jimmy Blythe; guitarist and vocalist Dan Roberts; as well as the triple-threat Bob Robinson, who sang aswell as managing both banjo and clarinet. The brothers Ikey and Alex Robinson, both guitarists and vocalists, also cut some paths with this group. Alexander may also be confused using a afterwards trombonist from the same name, however the previous artist plays a more basic kind of material. As the term “hokum” may possibly also easily be employed towards the music of Perry Como, with whom the trombonist Robert Alexander often proved helpful, the ’20s brand was even more such as jug music group music, and far livelier than anything lower with the sedate Como. Many so-called jug rings have documented versions of music such as for example “Pap’s for the Housetop” which were documented by Alexander’s group. A great deal of the materials would also basically end up being recognizable as nation blues, including old standards such as for example “How Longer, How Longer.” The difference in the audio is the existence of more musical instruments, and a propensity to throw in every manner of noises and designs, the versions occasionally veering way to avoid it in still left field in comparison to a far more straightforward nation blues interpretation.

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