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Jack Betzner

A profession songwriter, Jack port Betzner appears to have had two specifically fruitful periods. There is the ’40s, when he was section of a number of different songwriting groups discovering fairly typical passionate fare aswell as wartime bravura. In the ’70s and ’80s, he teamed up with Bob Godfrey to make a group of nostalgic music that specifically have discovered a house with barbershop vocal groupings. In between, obviously, came the rock and roll & roll period. Unlike a few of his peers, Betzner doesn’t appear to possess made an effort to create music in the rock and roll style, a spot of watch that was afterwards crystallized with the game titles of music created with Godfrey like the well-known “We Kinda Skip the Good Old Music” and “There’s Something I LOVE About Broadway.” Betzner was a songwriting-team guy in the old college, pumping out melodies over the piano either by itself or using a collaborator, occasionally in front of you group of lyrics getting presented with a co-writer and occasionally afterward. Affairs from the center had been one of many topics on the height from the Tin Skillet Alley period, and among Betzner’s earlier intimate strikes was “You Will be the Lyric (Towards the Like Song in my own Heart), perhaps made being a valentine for just one from the lyricists he caused. That might have already been Eddie Barefield, with whom he released “Consider It” in 1940, or the talented Pal Feyne, who helped produce “It’s Written AROUND THAT PERSON” in 1946. Popular expressions in the language like this had been all such a songwriting group needed to step into actions, another example getting Betzner and Joe Davis’ achievement using the bluesy “Escape your kitchen if you cannot Stand heat.” Betzner and lyricist Ernest B. Ford developed a novelty strike with “Hum, Mister Humming Parrot” in 1945, the same period that created the grandly patriotic “Heroes of Pearl Harbor,” co-written with Dick Sanford. “Escape your kitchen if you cannot Stand heat” had a fresh, if somewhat much less patriotic, rent on existence in the ’70s, thanks to Richard Nixon and his shenanigans. Betzner’s longtime associate Davis, a music publisher and record-label supervisor and a songwriter, up to date their old strike with the brand new name “Escape the White Home if you cannot Stand heat.” Obviously there were fresh lyrics to go with this message: “Therefore you’re gonna keep carefully the tapes and documents as well/And you state, the home and Senate can proceed screw/Therefore we just state this for you, and we’ll do it again/Get from the White Home if you cannot stand heat.” It had been hardly an average Betzner ditty because of this period, as his primary songwriting collaboration of the and the next decade was a lot more focused on existence “Back Father and Mother’s Day time.” The Narraganset Bay Chorus, the Alexandria Harmonizers, as well as the Boston Commons are a number of the barbershop quartets which were drawn to these nostalgic tunes made up of Godfrey’s help. “Barbershop Strut” was an attractive musical walk that led to several cover versions. Occasionally a group’s undertake this material is usually far from real sentimentality: the Canadian vocal group FRED will a parody edition of “We Kinda Miss Those CLASSIC Songs” where the verb “miss” appears to apply even more to unfortunate errors involving firearms.

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