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Of Cabbages & Kings

Developed from Chicago/New York strap the Tote People and made up of members from the Swans and Glenn Branca collaborators, Of Cabbages & Kings was a sporadically noticed and short-lived strap devoted to Carolyn Grasp and Algis Kizys. Considering that most users experienced full-time gigs with additional, more prominent rings (Swans, Foetus, Prong), Of Cabbages & Kings was limited by a small number of produces from 1987 to 1992. Over time, the music group included such users as Ted Parsons of Prong, Live Skull drummer High Hutchins, and Diane Wlezien. Guitarist Grasp and bassist Kizys composed the building blocks of the group, becoming the only real constants within an ever-changing lineup. The band’s audio, not really dissimilar to these collaborators, was eclectic, shifting from razor-sharp dissonance to moody darkness.

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