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Rust Epique

The singer, songwriter and guitarist who called himself Rust Epique died of the coronary attack in NEVADA not much a lot more than five years after producing his recording debut using the music group Crazy City in 1999. This affiliation was pointed out first of all obituaries–and there have been a lot of those, because the friend fellow revelers had been happy to contact just simple “Corrosion” certainly appeared to be a mover and shaker in the hip LA music picture of the brand new millenium. Both musically and socially, the crucial thing he appeared to have as a common factor along with his ex-bandmates in Crazy City was the use of certainly goofy stage-names. This band’s line-up also includes a bassist who phone calls himself Fayedodeelay, the oblivious D.J.A.M on turntables as well as the subdued Shifty Shellsock vocalizing. With regards to the after-party picture, Pique’s antics would certainly pique desire for anyone who appreciates over-indulgence. He was regarded as as well crazy for Crazy City, the details which might proceed quite a distance toward detailing his loss of life at such a age. His followers would claim that the main difference between “Corrosion” as well as the music group that produced him popular was musical. His single project was known as Pre)point and was thought to possess represented something apart from Crazytown’s notorious mixture of rap and rock, utilizing areas of psychedelia and blues, to say a couple of things. Pique’s preliminary pick for any music group name was Corrosion as well as the Super Heroes, also advertised in the space-free edition as Rustandthesuperheroes. In 2002, this group was authorized to the V2 label.

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