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The best lounge or bar band, Querschläger (this means “ricochet”) was formed for kicks in 1990 in Salzburg, Austria. They incorporate many designs to their repertoire like R&B, blues, jazz, folk, rock and roll and worldbeat. But unlike the stereotypical lounge work that depends on kitschy pop strikes and hackneyed AOR staples Querschläger performs virtually all unique music penned by lead vocalist Fritz Messner. As their recognition soared to local cult position outside record label curiosity increased as well. Unwilling to forego the unusual hill dialect from the Lungau and refusing to “tame” their lyrics invariably makes them “unmarketable” in the thoughts of oportunistic label professionals thus full creative and business control (documenting, production, artwork, special offers) continues to be in the hands of Querschläger…which is their preference. While their status is definitely that of a zany, party music group, amid the quirkiness of every of their three albums is situated many well crafted tunes, amazing vocal harmonies and innovative arrangements frequently embracing uncustomary tools like contrabass clarinet, dudelsack and ocarina thanks to wind professional Fritz Kronthaler. Guitarist Mathias Messner regularly displays achieved playing especially on classical guitar, percussionist Thomas Binderberger is definitely well equipped to take care of African, Latin, Jamaican or whatever tempo is required at this time and keyboardist/accordion participant Franz Tannenberger tastfully embellishes folk, rock and roll or pop tunes along with his cohesive and complimentary design.

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