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Not to end up being confused with an obscure ’70s group called Sunrise (which recorded for Buddah Information), the Sunrise profiled with this bio is a Polish hardcore/metalcore device from the ’90s and 2000s. In European countries, the Warsaw-based clothing has a status to be a music group that became progressively heavy as period continued; they began as a simple hardcore group in the aged post-punk sense, however when they developed into full-fledged metalcore (picking right up some Scandinavian loss of life metal influence on the way), they truly became very much harsher — a lot more intense, claustrophobic, dense, and blistering. Like a metalcore team, the Poles possess thrived on the type of kick-in-the-head ferocity that American metalcore agitators like Throwdown, NDE, Himsa, EACH AND EVERY TIME I Die, and Brick Shower are recognized for. non-etheless, one hears a feeling of background in Sunrise’s metalcore recordings from the 2000s; they haven’t overlooked their past, plus they still display an awareness from the hardcore that arrived before metalcore. Despite their sledgehammer strategy and angry audio, Sunrise isn’t the type of music group that thrives on nihilism with regard to nihilism. The Poles possess espoused a straight-edge ideology and been outspoken against the usage of drugs; a lot of their people have already been vegetarians (if not really total vegans), plus they possess articulated Hindu-influenced concepts. Their lyrics could be dark, however they haven’t delivered a note of hopelessness. Sunrise was shaped in 1994, that was a period of changeover for Poland and Eastern European countries generally. Poland, like various other East Europe, got rid itself of communism many years previously and was changing to something of capitalism and free of charge organization — and in post-communist Poland, among the results of experiencing more independence was a multitude of music flourishing. That included punk and hardcore, which have been seen as subversive and counterrevolutionary by Poland’s outdated Soviet-style regime back the ’80s. After a few months of rehearsing, Sunrise performed their initial gig on New Year’s Eve 1995-1996. The very first thing they documented was Fireplace Walk beside me, a five-song demonstration. Era of Sleepwalkers, the band’s initial full-length album, premiered on Sanctuary in 1998; that disk was accompanied by Kid of Eternity on Sober Brain Recordings in 2000 but still Walking with Fireplace on the Youngsters Lifestyle label in 2002. In 2003, Sunrise agreed upon with Germany’s metal-friendly Lifeforce Information, which released Decontaminate (a divide CD using the Belgian straight-edge music group Liar) in 2003. Traces to Nowhere, Sunrise’s 1st full-length recording for Lifeforce, arrived in 2004 (the entire year where the music group celebrated its tenth wedding anniversary). On the way, Sunrise has already established its talk about of personnel adjustments. In 2004, the five-man lineup contains Pat on business lead vocals, Daniel and Piotr on electric guitar, Adam on bass, and Arek on drums; such as a lot of music artists who play in hardcore, metalcore, and punk rings, the people of Sunrise would rather only use their first brands professionally and also have been hesitant to provide their last brands to the mass media.

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