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Accomplished pianist, followed lots of the biggest famous actors from the Golden Age of Brazilian song, both live and in recordings. Nonô also documented single albums, was Noel Rosa’s partner (being a composer), and was documented by many superstars, including Rosa himself. Nonô was from a musical family members that his nephews Ciro Monteiro, Moacir Peixoto, Araquém Peixoto, and Caubi Peixoto had been delivered. At nine he had been a specialist pianist. In 1929, he became a member of the orchestra from the documenting firm Brunswick (led by J. Tomás). Nonô was also an associate of Bambas perform Estácio, Gente Boa, Gente perform Choro, Orquestra Copacabana, yet others, documenting a huge selection of albums with those orchestras/groupings as accompanists for performers. Around 1932, he became the favourite accompanist from the stars of these moments, like Francisco Alves, Sílvio Caldas, and Mário Reis. On the Programa Casé, in the Rádio Philips, followed other superstars like Luís Barbosa, Noel Rosa, and Marília Batista. In 1932, he toured Porto Alegre RS with Noel Rosa, Mário Reis, and Francisco Alves, composing the samba “Vitória” with Rosa, that was documented by Sílvio Caldas through Victor in 1933. In 1932, he documented his choro “Uma Farra em Campo Grande” single for Columbia. Nono documented with Mário Reis, Francisco Alves, Noel Rosa (who documented Nonô’s samba “Arranjei um Fraseado”), Sílvio Caldas, Luís Barbosa, and many more. Like a composer, Nonô published “Perto perform Céu” (with Francisco Matoso), documented by Silvinha Melo for Philips in 1935; “Vai-te Embora” (with Francisco Matoso), documented by Mário Reis in 1936; the valses “Cigana” (with Paulo Roberto), documented by Sílvio Caldas for Odeon in 1937 and “Jardim das Flores Raras” (with Francisco Matoso), documented by Roberto Paiva for Odeon in 1938. In 1957, pianist Body fat Elpídio documented the LP Recordando Nonô for Victor.

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