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Halfdan Kjerulf

Halfdan Kjerulf was a past due bloomer; music education was primitive in his hometown of Christiania (right now Oslo) when he was a kid, so he ready for a profession in legislation. In 1839, nevertheless, well into his twenties, he experienced a serious disease, visited Paris to extract the next 12 months, and finally got access to an enormous musical culture. Soon after Kjerulf’s go back to Norway past due in 1840, his dad and two siblings passed away, so he backed his family members by abandoning his legal research to take are a journalist. But he was also composing during this time period, and the fall of 1841 noticed the publication of his initial works, a couple of tracks. He researched music theory in his free time, and in 1845 started performing a male learners’ choir and a male vocal quartet. Not really until 1848 do he start taking formal lessons in structure; his teacher, Carl Arnold, helped him earn a travel offer to review in Copenhagen (with Niels Gade) and in Leipzig. Back in 1851 he established himself up as a full-time piano instructor, and started writing significant amounts of music in little forms. His compositions gained him a medal from Ruler Carl XV in 1863 and account in the Swedish Royal Academy of Music 2 yrs later. Being a tune composer, Kjerulf discovered motivation in the functions of Schubert and Schumann, but also, considerably, in Norwegian folk music, generally in his configurations of Norwegian text messages. He also published about 40 functions for male chorus (stemming from his performing use such organizations), plus about 60 choral arrangments; the full total still doesn’t quite match his result around 120 solo tunes. His single piano output contains character items and folk plans, both creating a model for Edvard Grieg to check out and improve on. Kjerulf published a comic opera, but normally prevented music for huge ensembles or in huge forms (symphonies, quartets).

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