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Nei Lisboa

Keeping a minimal profile because the early 80’s, when he triggered sensation in his city (Porto Alegre, Rio Grande perform Sul) along with his iconoclastic display and debut album Pra Viajar no Cosmos Não Precisa Gasolina, Nei Lisboa despised the attraction of Brazil’s central artistic billboards symbolized with the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, carrying on to live his have way in the same Porto Alegre. Also having resided in São Paulo as well as the U.S. and performed displays in the so-called school circuit in the later 70’s, Lisboa is certainly virtually unidentified in all of those other country. Alternatively, he’s celebrated in his condition and by a small number of other fans through the entire nation as the innovative author of anthological albums like Pra Viajar no Cosmos Não Precisa Gasolina, Hein!? and Carecas da Jamaica. Touring just the South area to market his records, he previously a grateful shock with the nice reception got by Hi-Fi, an acoustic record recorded live on the São Pedro movie theater (Porto Alegre), supported just by Paulinho Supekóvia’s electric guitar. In the repertory, no originals, just a -panel of his underground and eclectic affects like “Everybody’s Speaking” (Fred Neil), “Bennie & The Jets” (Elton John), “I’m Developing a Homosexual Period” (Alberta Hunter) among others. In 2000 Lisboa released in France his publication Um Morto Pula a Janela and understood the present Tudo de Novo Um Tanto Talvez pela Próxima Vez in Paris, on the School of Saint Denis.

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