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Disturbing tha Peace


The Atlanta six-piece Disturbing tha Serenity was formed by Shawnna, Lil’ Destiny, Tity Boi, I-20, and Jay Cee. Protégés of Ludacris, whose couple of multi-platinum albums led to a label offer for the group, they released their debut, Golden Grain, on Def Jam South in early 2003. A self-titled recording followed 2 yrs later.

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Music Songs Growing Pains Rmx, N.S.E.W., Big Chain Records, A-Town Hatz, Word On The Street Skit, Smokin' Dro', Can't Be Stopped, Table Dance, Behind the Chains, Play Pen To The State Pen, Outro On Ya Ass, Gettin' Some, Blood In The Air, Break Sumthin', When I Touch Down, Intro, Come See Me, Put Ya Hands Up, Move B***h, I'll Be Around, You Ain't Got Enough, Posted, Pimp Council, R. P. M., Move Bitch, Break a Nigga Off, Growing Pains
Albums Disturbing tha Peace, Golden Grain

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