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Black Tie

Roger Apodaca, the Albuquerque, NM-based bassist for GoMotorCar, wrote several tunes for the group’s following recording when the music group split up. Apodaca continuing focusing on those music and wrote even more, after that began documenting with guest music artists, and the effect was At Dawn, released by Socyermom Information on November 11, 2005, beneath the group name Dark Link. Apodaca spent the majority of 2006 and the first element of 2007 focusing on a follow-up with such affiliates as manufacturer Ryan Martino (from Of God and Research, aswell as Bellyachers), Ryan Anthony (of Jason as well as the Argonauts), Sean McCullough (of Oktober People and Lowlights), Johnny Cassidy (of Venus Diablo and previously of GoMotorCar), Justin Ray (of Michael Bublé’s music group), Eric Reynolds and Paul Newcomb (both of Los Brownspots), and Audrey Lee. That record, Goodbye, Farewell, premiered on Dec 4, 2007.

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