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The trio that comprise Bablicon — the Diminisher, Marta Tennae, and Blue Hawaii — play music that attracts from experimental jazz, fusion, rock, Indian music, and contemporary composition, but elude easy fits into these categories. Due to that they do participate in the past due-1990s Chicago “post-rock” picture. Presumably, they’re from Chicago, as their debut LP, Within a Different Town, was recorded within an deserted machine store there; indeed, it had been so near Chicago’s elevated teach that these were occasionally interrupted with the sound. Everyone in Bablicon is really a multi-instrumentalist, between them covering different horns, digital keyboards, bass, cello, “fuzz banjo,” theremin, and much more. Several close friends also pitch in, and tape splices and edits are used, even though music generally retains a fairly live experience. The band’s record roster includes WITHIN A Different Town (1999) and Orange Tapered Moon (2000). Level In the Fog: The Kitty That Was a puppy appeared in springtime 2001.

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Music Songs Anne on an Infibulus, Chunks of Syrup Amidst Plain Yoghurt, Francis Locrius, Agustus Syphilus, An Orange Pumpkin Glowing Moon Ensemble, Blue Line Pt. 2, Snipanet T, The Well Tempered Alligator, An Orange Moon, Silicon Bucktown, An Odd Pear, The Green Line, Mustacho, Arcdurvish, Pigeon of Doom, Misted Fin, Smell of Ovoustic, Ape Hall, Distant Morfonger, Atlas' Cousin, Pictor's Metamorphosis, Saumur/Paris/Teatowels, At the Birthday Party, Oodles of Noodles, Blue Hawaii, Muomed/Moy Mermotman, Prelude: Oodles of Noodles, Mu-Med/Moy Marmot Man, Isroslynn, 2 Birds, Silicon, Salamander
Albums In a Different City, The Orange Tapered Moon, A Flat Inside a Fog: The Cat That Was a Dog

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