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One particular hopelessly un-commercial rock outfits whose best influence much exceeds their actual career-span achievement, Switzerland’s Messiah enjoyed just temporary achievement — particularly in Europe’s Eastern Stop — before settling to their eventual cult position. Produced in 1984 by vocalist/bassist R.K. “Tschosi” Wilhelm Kuhne), guitarist R.B. “Brogi” Remo Broggi and drummer R.H. “Jazzi” Heer, Messiah could be compared to equivalent early Western european thrash outfits like Hellhammer and Kreator, for the reason that they inadvertently helped progress the introduction of loss of life and black steel while simply endeavoring to mosh apart. In Messiah’s case, that work bore magnificently rotten fruits via 1986’s cult traditional Hymn to Abaramelyn record, which buried deceptively advanced technique under less-than-stellar documenting technology and meshed these thrash affects with loss of life vocals and dark metal’s satanic lyrics (not forgetting Brogi’s corpse color). A likewise wrought second work entitled Extreme WINTER followed the next season, but didn’t progress their career potential clients or, based on who you consult, improve upon their debut. However Messiah continued performing and documenting regardless, undergoing periodic membership adjustments (especially long-tenured drummer Steve Karrer and vocalists Andy Kaina and Christofer Johnsson, afterwards of Carbonized and Therion) and long lasting deep in to the 90’s with initiatives like 1991’s Psychomorphia E.P. and Choir of Horrors L.P., 1992’s Rotten Perish L.P., and 1994’s The Ballad of Jesus E.P. and Underground L.P. Messiah vanished once and for all at this time, but those early albums continue being reissued with some regularity by different indie labels worldwide, and so are frequently cited by upcoming bands and supporters for their little but believe it or not important put in place metal history.

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