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U.S. Saucer’s sleepy make of rock and roll is a variety of Crimson Crimson Meat’s raw creation and slurred vocals, with Morphine’s feeling from the experimental as well as the unconventional. Whereas Morphine is really a trio with out a guitarist, U.S. Saucer is really a trio with out a drummer. The San Francisco-based music group (which includes vocalist/bassist David Tholfsen, vocalist/guitarist Margaret Murray, and Brian Hageman on electric guitar, vocals, and viola) creates an original undertake blues/nation/folk. Although Tholfsen’s vocals undoubtedly are an obtained taste (a variety of moaning and yodeling), music supporters looking for the leading edge as well as the unusual will maintain for a nice surprise. The music group has released a complete of three full-length albums for Amarillo Information — 1992’s My Firm Is certainly Misery, 1994’s Sensitive Places Result from Nothing at all, and 1997’s Hell, Yes! — and also have also made an appearance on a small number of compilations for little brands in countries such as for example Germany and Canada.

Quick Facts

Full Name U.S. Saucer
Music Songs Sorry About Your Eye, Scold Mourner, Do You Believe Me Now, Size It Up, Candles and Soapy Drinks, Run Shroud Run, Planet Returns, The Rose, Famous Dogs, You Are the Reason, Pellet Heart, Paese Mio, Fade, Stowing Dung, Three Ungrasping Chieftains
Albums Hell, Yes!

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