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The Hi Fives

Anticipating John Belushi’s Sunday Evening Live samurai by 15 years, the Hi-Fives’ “Fujikami the Warrior” (Hitt 003, released locally in Vancouver, B.C. in 1961) was a bizarre novelty melody filled up with the demented shrieks of an area radio personality-gone-nuttily Nipponese totally unlike other things the group ever performed just before or afterward. This anomaly, however, represents 50-percent of their documented output permanently linking them with such stellar luminaries as Strange Al Yankovic. In reality (so that it is definitely stated), the Hi-Fives had been a significant blues music group. Their “actual” users (“Fujikami”‘s shrieks had been simply those of visitor DJ “Frosty” Forst) included Harry Walker (vocals); Freddy Carotenuto (saxophone); Tabs Shori (acoustic guitar); Expenses Papuc (bass), and Crimson Lewis/Larry Krashin (drums). The group’s additional single, “Mean Aged Female” b/w “Chilly Blowing wind” (London 17200), allegedly even more representative of their “accurate” sound, exposed the Hi-Fives as slavish impersonators content material to regurgitate instead of reinterpret mainstream blues. Despite having such faults, nevertheless, “Mean Old Female” hit quantity seven in LA upon its U.S. launch (within the Period label). Throughout their six-year association, the Hi-Fives received several Battles from the Rings in Vancouver, and evidently drew crowds to regional night spots just like the Blues Palace, where they once headlined with Ike & Tina Turner. Provided their recognition, one miracles if two studio room 45s — one atypical as well as the other to be honest a disappointment — actually did justice with their live take action (saxman Carotenuto suggestions that they didn’t). The idea, of course, is currently moot. Interested celebrations are described the annals of Vancouver Rock and roll, Vol. 1 (Vancouver Record Enthusiasts’ Association VRCA 003, 1987) for the A-sides of both singles.

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