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Pumpernickel was a lo-fi, personal band from NY state. Tag Ospuvat and Lee Petruzzelli led the group on vocals and electric guitar, as Pumpernickel released two basic yet unforgettable albums from 1995 to 1998 on two different indie brands. The ten-song, self-titled Pumpernickel premiered on Radiant Faze Information in 1995. Documented with engineer Nicolas Vernhes and manufacturer David Mecionis, the record received modest university radio airplay within the Northeast and Midwest. The Albany Buy arrived in 1998, this time around on Extra Me Information. Ospuvat and Petruzzelli had been the focus once again, as the music on the record feature three different drummers. While supporters were looking forward to a follow-up towards the Albany Buy, the music group was never noticed from again.

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