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Karlow the Great

KaZaZZ Records saving artist Karlow the fantastic blurs the original lines attracted between spirit, rap, R&B, and rock and roll. Because of this, he sounded quite unlike any well-known artist in past due 2001 when KaZaZZ released Attitude Modification, his debut record. Karlow incorporates a lot of his “greatness” into his lyrics, which address “the overall game,” “the days,” and “the life span” (to estimate his record). Attitude Modification includes three split sections, each several music grouped under among these designs. Unlike most well-known urban performers who mainly emphasize “the overall game,” Karlow isn’t scared to sing and rap about the occasionally severe realities of lifestyle and the correct perspective essential to manage with these realities. As his debut demonstrated, Karlow is normally ambitious, especially for an entertainer. Actually, he will take such initiative along with his music that KaZaZZ proceeded to go as far as to advertise his music as “neo-hip-hop,” an all-inclusive term symbolizing Karlow’s wide scope and endless method of music making.

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