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When it had been first conceived through the winter of 1990-1991, within the Oslo suburb of Råde, Norwegian black steel act Morgul contains minimally named drummer Hex and his multi-instrument (electric guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals) using partner, Jack D. Ripper, whose alternative handles over time also have included Charmock and J Maestro Discordia. Likewise restless was their documented output, which steadily advanced from brute, misanthropic dark steel (on early demos “Vargvinter” and “In Dresses Moving Wide,” both 1995), to a far more melodic and atmospheric, but believe it or not bombastic strategy for initial albums Dropped in Shadows Gray and Parody from the Mass (1997 and 1998, respectively). Hex produced his exit at the moment, and coincidentally or not really, ensuing Morgul produces The Horror Grandeur (1999) and Sketch from the Expected Murderer (2001, both of these released by brand-new label Century Press), found right now one-man show Jack port D. Ripper discovering eclectic, post-black metallic landscape ? la Ulver and Arcturus. This enthusiasm for exploration and brutal self-reliance persisted into 2005’s All Deceased Here…, that was documented autonomously before getting licensed to Period of Mist Information.

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