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Marble Sheep

Perhaps one of the most enduring Japan guitar rings, Tokyo’s Marble Sheep have got been through several distinct incarnations. Founded by guitarist Ken Matsutani and expanded through the past due-’80s PSF picture in Tokyo, the initial lineup was referred to as Marble Sheep as well as the RUN-DOWN Sun’s Kids. Documented on Aged from New Minds (offering the obliterating business lead electric guitar of Michio Kurihara, also of Light Heaven) and Whirl Live, the music group coasted from sound peaks to deep space-outs. By the first ’90s, Kurihara departed as well as the space-outs got over, coupled with Matsutani’s fascination with the Grateful Deceased, specifically (it appears) the sluggish tropical vibe of the two-chord latter-day jam staple “Fireplace on the Hill.” Albums like 1992’s Big Offer and 1994’s Message from Oarfish well developed the band’s feeling of experience into mellow, frequently indistinct rock and roll vibes. The music group got a rest of many years while Matsutani controlled Captain Trip Information, called for Jerry Garcia and offering Japanese reissues of Krautrock pioneers like Neu! and Amon Düül, American sludge-psychers Blue Cheer, among others. One musician Captain Trip reissued was the pioneering road improv troupe Maru-Sankaku-Shikaku, or Group Triangle Square. In 2003, the reunited Marble Sheep teamed up using a re-formed Maru-Sankaku-Shikaku for the jam-heavy Marble Sheep Fits Group Triangle Square. Since time for actions, Marble Sheep have already been extraordinarily prolific, turning out almost 20 live CD-Rs plus assorted various other side tasks, and searching for a middle surface between their early sound function and their jammier hippie years.

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