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John Stein

b. c.1890, prob. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, d. unidentified time. A drummer, Stein produced a music group in New Orleans to try out the newly rising music referred to as jazz. This is at the Puppy Café, Stein’s 1st in support of professional engagement in the town. In 1915, he required his music group to Chicago, Illinois where in fact the songs was becoming extremely popular. Stein’s Primary Dixieland Jazz Music group, which comprised Alcide Nunez, Eddie Edwards, Nick LaRocca and Henry Ragas, was booked in to the Booster Membership, located on the Resort Morrison. By enough time that the music group attained the club, it turned out shut down by the authorities. Stein secured function for his music group at Lamb’s Café on North Clark Road where they accomplished a considerable way of measuring popularity, eventually getting into Schiller’s Café. (The drummer’s very own recollections of the events differs somewhat; he recalls that while still in New Orleans he was employed to go right to Schiller’s Café.) The music group was not producing the improvement or the amount of money some associates felt they need to. Too poor to cover tuxedos, the music artists wore dusters, some sort of tan-coloured longer raincoat, with, as Stein place it, ‘throwing within a straw head wear occasionally for more course’. Because of this gradual musical and economic improvement, all Stein’s sidemen stop and created their personal group which became the initial Dixieland Jazz Music group. As Edwards was in charge of many of the Stein music group’s most well-known figures, including ‘Livery Steady Blues’ and ‘Dixieland One Stage’, losing was great. The breakaway music group could benefit from an offer to try out in NY which Stein, limited by contractual responsibilities, could not consider up. THE INITIAL Dixieland Jazz Music group shifted to international popularity and lot of money and Stein drifted in to the footnotes of early jazz background. He do continue music group leading, employing Larry Shields, pianist Ernie Erdman, trumpeter Doc Berenson and trombonist Jules Cassard to keep playing at Schiller’s Café. By 1917 Stein could reach NY where he produced the initial New Orleans Jazz Music group for an engagement on the Alamo Membership. This music group included clarinettist Achille Bacquet, trumpeter Frank Christian and trombonist Frank Lotak. The pianist was upcoming vaudevillian extraordinaire Jimmy Durante whose very own music group, the Jimmy Durante Novelty Jazz Orchestra, could also possess included Stein. Stein led a music group that played around New York in to the middle-20s, eventually going for a quartet, Johnny Stein And His Swingaroos, in to the Best Hat, a Union Town, NJ, nightclub. Rightly or wrongly, Stein laid state ‘to being the first ever to use the phrase “jazz” in connexion using a music group.’

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