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Francisco de Peñalosa

Francisco de Peñalosa was the most respectable composer one of the primary generation to create the Franco-Flemish polyphonic design to Spain as well as the Iberian peninsula. He was from the royal courtroom in Aragon, aswell as the Cathedral of Seville; he also experienced an extended stay static in Rome among the Pope’s most popular musicians. A lot of his functions survive in Spanish resources. Peñalosa’s design is dependent on that of Josquin, nevertheless, one finds very much tighter formal constructions and highly refined gestures resulting in an increased psychological expressivity. With this last feeling, he represents a significant starting to the Spanish choral design to become exemplified a hundred years later on by Victoria. His compositions are completely sacred in designation, although wide variety of emotionality lends many a personality that would later on be considered even more correctly secular in character.

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