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Wendy López

Vocalist Wendy López was created in March 14 of 1974 in Redlands, CA. At age four, López began studying music, acquiring piano lessons, and learning how exactly to play electric guitar. As a kid, Wendy López utilized to sing in an area church. Years afterwards, López was taking part in a higher school’s vocal group. That same interest for performing allowed her to maintain a NORTH PARK University’s chorus for just two years, getting the chance of touring the U.K. After learning Castilian at Málaga’s College or university, López started obtaining curiosity for the Hispanic community. That cause and her spiritual custom drove her to go to South America being a missionary. While surviving in Quito, Ecuador, the vocalist registered to Arbol Information, launching her first record, called Entre un Cielo y la Tierra, which include acoustic music in British and Spanish.

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