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Carpentras (Elzear Genet)

A French composer who was simply actively involved with service towards the popes, particularly Leo X and Clement VII. The printings of his functions include people, magnificats, lamentations, psalms, hymns, motets, plus some secular items. Carpentras’ Lamentations had been performed each year in the Sistine Chapel before period of Pope …

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Petrus de Grudziadz

Scant information on the life span of Magister Petrus Wilhelmi de Grudencz have but slowly peeked through the mists of your time. A man of this name studied in the popular College or university of Kraków (in modern-day Poland); he came into in 1418, yielding a delivery day of 1400 …

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Francisco de Peñalosa

Francisco de Peñalosa was the most respectable composer one of the primary generation to create the Franco-Flemish polyphonic design to Spain as well as the Iberian peninsula. He was from the royal courtroom in Aragon, aswell as the Cathedral of Seville; he also experienced an extended stay static in Rome …

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