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Sometimes referred to as “the haggis of jazz fusion rings,” the tiny combo Mind were dynamic in Glasgow in the ’70s. The tempo portion of drummer Billy Kyle and bassist Graham Mince had been consistent elements in the three albums released with the group more than a five-year period, as was the current presence of multi-instrumentalist John Davies, who doubled on keyboards and trumpet. Various other associates of the group transformed from record to record, guitarist Charles Alexander drifting apart to be changed by Lachlan McColl, saxophonist Gordon Cruickshank taking on where prior honker Howard Copland acquired still left off. Self-determination, a significant idea in documenting improvised music through the ’70s, was crucial to the top liturgy. The group’s debut discharge — entitled GTF in mention of a crude Scottish method of recommending somebody should depart quickly — premiered through SRT, fundamentally a vanity consortium. The music group started up its label, Head Information, for its last and most industrial production, Blackpool Great. This Head shouldn’t be baffled with other rings that utilize this name, like a more recent clothing fronted by Gareth Sager.

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