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Just one more outgrowth from the seminal Clean, the Bats are an institution in the brand new Zealand music picture, their melancholy jangle pop audio and infectious melodies consistently defining the kiwi rock and roll cosmetic at its absolute best. The Bats had been created in Christchurch in 1982 by Clean bassist Robert Scott, ex-Toy Like bassist Paul Kean, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Kaye Woodward, and drummer Malcolm Give; with Scott implementing business lead vocal and acoustic guitar duties in addition to serving because the Bats’ main songwriter, they released their debut, By Night time, in 1984, the very first in some EPs that also included 1985’s And HERE’S ‘Music for the Fireside’! and 1986’s COMPOSED in Blue. (All three had been subsequently gathered as Compiletely Bats.) The Bats finally released a full-length recording, the beautiful Daddy’s Highway, in 1987; immediately after the group continued hiatus, with Scott taking part in a Clean reunion tour and Woodward having a baby. The quartet returned collectively in 1990 release a REGULATIONS of Points, another critical preferred that received minimal commercial interest. Concern with God made an appearance in 1991, and 2 yrs afterwards the Bats resurfaced with Silverbeet; an intermittent group of EPs (including Live at WFMU and Spill the Coffee beans, the latter documented with Superchunk frontman Macintosh McCaughan on electric guitar) implemented as Scott once again focused a lot of his energies on another Clean reunion, however in 1995 the group came back with a fresh LP, Couchmaster. The Bats drifted aside soon after the discharge of Couchmaster. Scott spent amount of time in the Magick Minds and focusing on single projects, Woodward documented with Roy Montgomery in Dissolve, and Kean and Offer shaped Minisnap in the first 2000s. In 2003 the Bats started working on brand-new songs on the Country wide Grid studios in Christchurch as soon as they had the essential tracks down, shifted to Woodward and Kean’s house studio room for overdubs and blending. The effect was 2005’s On the Country wide Grid, released on Magic Marker in the us and Traveling Nun in New Zealand. The record didn’t grab where Silverbeet and Couchmaster still left off, but rather came back towards the glory times of Daddy’s Highway and REGULATIONS of Factors and was their finest work up to now. Another strong work, The Guilty Workplace, saw discharge in the summertime of 2009 plus they implemented it up 2 yrs later with Totally free All of the Monsters. Robert Scott held busy through the pursuing years, touring using the Clean and launching a single record, The GARDEN GREENHOUSE, in 2014. The Bats reconvened around that point and began focusing on their ninth record with manufacturer Ben Edwards at his twice-ruined-by-earthquakes studio room the Sitting Area. The Deep Established was released with the band’s longtime label Traveling Nun in past due 2016.

Quick Facts

Full Name The Bats
Music Songs North by North, Block of Wood, Smoking Her Wings, Made Up in Blue, Simpletons, Free All the Monsters, Jetsam, Spacejunk, A Shabby Little Hut, Get Fat, Miss These Things, The Black and the Blue, Had to Be You, Boogey Man, Round and Down, Flowers & Trees, Time to Get Ready, Treason, Other Side of You, Castle Lights, I Go Wild, Straight Through My Heart, Watch the Walls, Sir Queen, In the Subway, Long Halls, Mad on You, December Ice, Trouble in This Town, No Trace, The Guilty Office, It’s Not the Same
Albums Daddy's Highway, Free All the Monsters, The Law of Things, At the National Grid, Couchmaster, Fear of God, Silverbeet, The Deep Set, Made Up in Blue, By Night, Thousands of Tiny Luminous Spheres, Spill the Beans, The Guilty Office, Live at Natasha's, Compiletely Bats, And Here Is 'Music for the Fireside', Afternoon in Bed, Don't You Rise, The Bats, Volume 1, Courage, The Heart & Soul Of, Some Settling May Occur - Digital Version

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