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Bonny Doon

Detroit combo Bonny Doon takes on pleasantly laconic garage area pop infused having a rickety lo-fi nation bent. Created in 2014 by Expenses Lennox (vocals, acoustic guitar), Bobby Colombo (vocals, acoustic guitar), Josh Brooks (bass), and Jake Kmiecik (drums), the quartet launched itself having a four-song 7″ EP released by …

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The associates of Melbourne, Australian music group TERRY boast some impressive entries on the respective CVs. Al Montfort used UV Competition, Total Control, and Dick Diver; Zephyr Pavey was also altogether Control and fronted Eastlink; Xanthe Waite sang with Mick Harvey’s music group, and Amy Hill was an associate of …

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Lower Plenty

A regional supergroup of kinds, Melbourne’s Lower Lots were formed from many of the area’s more prominent indie rings like Dick Diver, Deaf Wish, Total Control, UV Race, as well as the Focus. Thinking about carrying out something decidedly even more laid-back than their various other projects, associates Daniel Twomey, …

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Scott and Charlene’s Wedding

The shaggy, shambling indie rock project of Australian Craig Dermody, the beginnings of Scott and Charlene’s Wedding could be traced back again to a friend’s party in the mid-2000s. At that time, Dermody performed with two various other rings, Spider Vomit and Divorced, and in addition produced a name for …

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Peak Twins

It’s common for just two close friends to try performing some music after several beers way too many, but not most of them turn out making a profession from it. Maximum Twins, however, will be the exclusion: Liam Kenny (acoustic guitar and vocals, previously from the Friendsters and Bitch Ideal) …

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Dick Diver

Acquiring their name from the primary figure in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book Tender May be the Night time, indie rock and roll quartet Dick Diver shaped in Melbourne, Australia in 2008. Sketching inspiration through the emotionally wealthy pop of fellow countrymen the Go-Betweens, aswell as the brainy acoustic guitar wrangling …

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