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Andy Bell

The soaring falsetto of Andy Bell combined with infectious electronic melodies of Vince Clarke to put Erasure being among the most commercially successful techno-pop acts of the era. Born Apr 25, 1964, in Peterborough, Britain, Bell was among over 40 candidates who in 1985 taken care of immediately a blind …

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Beady Eye

Uk alt-rock outfit Beady Eyes formed in ’09 2009, almost a year following the rivalry between Oasis siblings Liam and Noel Gallagher reached a boiling point at a summer months festival, leading to Noel’s departure as well as the band’s dissolution. That fall, Liam and three of his previous Oasis …

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Hurricane #1

Unlike the effects-laden dream pop of his previous band, Trip, guitarist Andy Bell fleshed out the ’70s-inspired rock and roll he begun to go after in his former band with Hurricane #1. Alongside vocalist/guitarist and previous boxer Alex Lowe, bassist Will Pepper, and drummer Gareth Farmer, the group released its …

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Randy Owen

Vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Randy Owen is most beneficial known to be the lead vocalist in Alabama, probably the most successful group in the annals of nation music. Delivered on Dec 14, 1949, Owen and his cousin, Teddy Gentry, was raised on natural cotton farms on Lookout Hill in Alabama, …

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Making use of their first documents, Ride created a distinctive wall of sound that relied on massive, trembling distortion within the vein of My Bloody Valentine but with an easier, more direct melodic approach. The shatteringly noisy, droning neo-psychedelia the music group performed was dubbed shoegazing from the English press …

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Following disbandment from the short-lived synth pop group Yazoo, former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke produced Erasure in 1985 with singer Andy Bell. Like Yaz and Depeche Setting, Erasure had been a synth-based group, however they acquired more powerful dance inclinations, and a sharper, even more accessible feeling of pop …

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