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Jean Wiéner

Jean Wiéner was a duo-pianist and a prominent body among early France film composers. Wiéner was an early on enthusiast of composer Darius Milhaud, Jean Cocteau, and Les Six, and may be seen within their firm with regularity in the first ’30s. His profession being a film composer in fact …

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Paul Verlaine

If all “art,” as Walter Pater wrote, “constantly aspired towards the health of music,” Verlaine, impatiently rejecting the thought of a circuitous way to perfection, wanted his poetry to become music. Indeed, the fantastic French poet opened up his “Artwork poétique” using the laconic order: “De la musique avant toute …

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Ambroise Thomas

Among leading opera composers of nineteenth hundred years France, Ambroise Thomas was a successor to Meyerbeer, Auber, and Offenbach. He was in charge of Mignon, probably one of the most well-known operas ever created, as well as the hauntingly gorgeous Hamlet. Born right into a musical family members, Thomas joined …

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