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James Hewitt

Like the majority of early American pioneers of serious music, James Hewitt had not been given birth to an American. Hewitt, who through the past due eighteenth and early nineteenth hundreds of years set up himself in both NEW YORK and Boston as an effective composer-conductor in addition to a …

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Peter Hänsel

From 1792, continuing for quite some time, Hansel studied structure with Haydn. He discovered the violin from an uncle in Warsaw and offered in the courtroom of Prince Potemkin in St. Petersburg. Hansel was the Konzertmeister for the Princess Lubomirsky and constructed his initial string quartet in Paris, c.1802. Compositions …

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Johann Christian Rinck

After studying with Abicht, Junghanss and Kirchner, Rinck could study with Kittel who was simply among J.S. Bach’s learners. He became the organist at Giessen in 1790 and in 1805 the organist at Darmstadt. By 1813 he was an organist and instructor to the courtroom from the Grand Duke Ludwig …

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Georg Abraham Schneider

Schneider was a German instrumentalist who all played the horn, oboe, and other instrumetns having studied using the violinist Magnold in Darmstadt. He also examined structure with Portmann. Operating Schneider proved helpful in Darmstadt, for the courtroom orchestra in Rheinsberg, and in Berlin in a variety of capacities including movie …

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Louis-Gabriel Guillemain

Having been elevated by the Count number of Rochechouart, Guillemain started the analysis of music early and could research directly with Somis. He was allowed to go to Italy, was among the highest paid courtroom music artists, and performed in various concerts prior to the ruler and queen of France. …

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Antoine dit Espirit Blanchard

Blanchard was a France composer most highly influenced by both Italian design and Handel. He’s regarded as the last essential composer position for cathedral music to hire the thought bass to become examine by cembalist or organist, doubling the cheapest violin component. Blanchard taken care of a singlular identification in …

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