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J. Rui composed lyrics for many strikes, like “Em fun??o de O Samba Entrar No Céu,” documented by Almirante, “Porque Você Voltou,” documented by Francisco Alves and Mário Reis, amongst others. Rui relocated to Brazil along with his family members, arriving on Oct 1913, at 14. He started to create poetry while pursuing along with his formal research. He joined several music artists and poets referred to as Turma da ENBA, which experienced Nássara and Luís Barbosa as users. Rui performed the reco-reco, the chocalho, and was the “established” lyricist. The association yielded the 1st samba compiled by the duo Nássara/J. Rui, documented by Almirante, “Em virtude de O Samba Entrar No Céu.” Quickly afterwards, they made up the popular marchinha “Formosa,” documented by Francisco Alves like a duet with Mário Reis for Odeon. The music was one of the primary hits from the Carnival of 1933. In 1938, Francisco Alves documented the valse “Porque Você Voltou,” from the duo. Acquiring bits of the melody, Nássara later on published the marchinha “Periquitinho Verde” (lyrics by Sá Roris). J. Rui was the lyricist or collaborator in a number of songs without having to be acknowledged, like “A-M-E-I, Amei,” documented by Francisco Alves. He also published the 1st verse from the samba “Santa,” also documented by Francisco. J. Rui worked well in the movie theater, in the theatre (O V da Vitória, amongst others), in the air, and Television. In 1963, he published many compositions for Television: “Samba de Branco,” “Cha-cha-cha de Cabo Frio,” amongst others with João Roberto Kelly.

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