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Johann Christian Rinck

After studying with Abicht, Junghanss and Kirchner, Rinck could study with Kittel who was simply among J.S. Bach’s learners. He became the organist at Giessen in 1790 and in 1805 the organist at Darmstadt. By 1813 he was an organist and instructor to the courtroom from the Grand Duke Ludwig I and his Kammermusiker in 1817. Rinck was an effective concert tour performer and a fantastic instructor. Compositions by Rinck had been primarily created for the body organ, such as for example “Praktische Orgel-Schule,” “Choralfreund,” and many chorale preludes. Rinck also constructed public, cantatas, motets, sonatas for the piano and sonatas for the violoncello. Rinck’s collection was presented with to Yale College or university in 1852.

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