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Enigmatic noise rock trio Metal Pole TUB crafted a grungy, droning, offbeat sound from a palette of fuzzed-out bass riffs, blasts of guitar feedback, and tape loops, and also a raft of alternately kitschy and troubling dialogue samples from vintage Television shows and movies. Additionally, the music group experienced a penchant for deconstructive addresses of rock and roll classics, a few of which made an appearance just on 7″ singles. Critics had been split on the potency of their frequently repeated compositions, with some praising their originality among others bemoaning too little constant songwriting polish. An extremely improbable bet for industrial success, Metal Pole TUB nonetheless were able to rating a major-label agreement (albeit briefly) through the option rock nourishing frenzy from the middle-’90s. Metal Pole TUB was founded in Bozeman, MT, in 1986 by guitarist/vocalist Mike Morasky and bassist/vocalist Dale Flattum. After shifting to Seattle, they became a member of up with drummer Darren Mor-X (given birth to Darren Morey), a veteran of the neighborhood early-’80s hardcore music group Mr. Epp (which presented future users of Green River and Mudhoney). Acquiring their name from an attribute inside a true-crime publication (a Clue-type mix of murder tool and area), the trio relocated once more, this time around to SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. Metal Pole TUB landed a cope with the Bay Region indie label Boner, that was also house towards the Melvins within their pre-Atlantic times. The band’s debut recording, Butterfly Love, made an appearance in 1989, and was adopted in 1990 from the Lurch EP (both had been later combined on the CD concern). These early produces founded the band’s desire for pop-culture recommendations and Television dialogue snippets, and resulted in several Bay Region part tasks: Morasky teamed with Boner label mind Tom Flynn in Duh (aka Death’s Ugly Mind), and the complete group caused Jello Biafra beneath the name Tumor Circus. Followers and critics tended to concur that Metal Pole TUB really started to strike their stride on 1991’s Tulip and its own follow-up, 1993’s The Wonder of Sound in Movement. Through the same period, Morasky and Flattum teamed up (beneath the aliases C.C. Nova and Bumblebee) within an electronics-oriented part project called Dairy Cult, which offered their desire for sampling a complete fresh wall plug. 1994 brought a fresh Metal Pole TUB EP, Some Cocktail Recommendations, which would end up being their final work with Boner. Slash Information — at that time a subsidiary of Warner, though they might shortly change affiliations to London — provided the music group a major-label agreement, maybe swayed by related jumps from Metal Pole affects the Butthole Surfers and labelmates the Melvins. Metal Pole Shower Tub’s major-label debut, Marks From Falling Down, premiered in 1995. Because of copyright issues, their brand dialogue samples needed to be kept in balance, which placed even more concentrate on the band’s music itself. In 1996, they go about documenting a follow-up, in the beginning wishing to cover the Vehicles’ debut recording in its entirety. Slash, unimpressed using the postmodern prank as well as the demos of fresh material that followed three Cars addresses, promptly fallen the music group from its roster. Captured in limbo, Metal Pole TUB steadily drifted into oblivion. The bandmembers continued to be energetic, though — in 1997, Dairy Cult received a grant from your French government to become listed on an performers’ collective in Marseilles, where they documented an album that might be released in 2000 as Task M-13. Morasky consequently visited New Zealand as a particular effects specialist on Peter Jackson’s Lord from the Bands trilogy, while Flattum retired to NEW YORK to go after the visible arts while doing work for a software program firm. Morasky (today contacting himself Agent Nova) and Mor-X reunited as Novex in 2002, seeking a style much like Milk Cult on the debut, Kleptophonica. On the other hand, Metal Pole BATHTUB finally retrieved the rights with their dropped major-label follow-up, and released the materials in 2002 in the 0 to at least one 1 label as Unlistenable (the name a estimate from Slash professionals’ reaction to the tapes). The group briefly reunited that season to perform on the Beyond the Pale celebration.

Quick Facts

Full Name Steel Pole Bath Tub
Music Songs Train to Miami, Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride, Borstal, Soul Cannon, I Dreamed I Dream, Down All the Days, Arizona Garbage Truck, Home Is a Rope, Heaven on Dirt, Thru the Windshield of Love, The Scarlet, Time to Die, Welcome Aboard It's Love, I Am Sam I Am, The 500 Club, Glad Ass, Myrna Loy, One Thick Second, Kung Fu Love, Mercurochrome, Swerve, A Washed Out Monkey Star Halo, Black Eye Fixer, Venus In Furs, Lime - Away, Population 2, Jack Aloha, We Walk, Wonders of Dust, Four Barrels, Action Man Theme, Misty Mt. Blowtorch
Albums Scars from Falling Down, Your Choice Live Series 019, The Miracle of Sound in Motion, Tulip, Lurch, Lurch/Butterfly Love, Butterfly Love, Some Cocktail Suggestions

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