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Rodd Keith

Rodd Keith is just about the best-known musician who worked within the melody poem, or send-us-your-lyrics, industry; certainly, he was perhaps one of the most prolific. Keith was raised within a spiritual and musical family members that shaped a performing group and toured Midwest America’s revival and cathedral circuit, and also cut several 78s. From an early on age, he started playing various music instruments and composing agreements. He was afterwards known to be in a position to play any device he found, and may play back a bit of music after hearing it once. After graduating from a spiritual college in Florida, he received a posture responsible for a Baltimore church’s music system. There he fulfilled his 1st wife, Roberta, and both traveled the united states like a key pad duo, playing piano and body organ. In Wichita, KS, that they had a every week live television system, Just a Music at Twilight, in the past due ’50s, and would create terrific new preparations right before they might go on atmosphere. He was also a lover of jazz performers such as for example Stan Kenton, and his incorporation of contemporary harmonies didn’t constantly review well at churches. Their boy, Ellery Eskelin, was created in 1959 in Wichita, as well as the family members moved to LA a couple days after. By 1961, Keith’s wife and kid came back to Baltimore. Ultimately, he’d remarry and also have a little girl, Stacey, along with his second wife Joni. Keith was a cherished and loving guy, by all accounts, but as well easygoing and disinterested within the “true” globe for family members lifestyle, and his second wife still left him, aswell. On / off, from the middle-’60s until his loss of life in 1974, Keith performed keyboards, sang, and composed music for the melody poem sector. He regarded this to become little more than the usual type of prostitution, nonetheless it was possible for him to create cash at it while seeking a life style that included intense hallucinogen intake. Alternately he’d work for an interval, sometimes documenting 30 songs in a single day without period for second will take, then go wrong spend several times straight acquiring hallucinogens. His pleasure of wordplay and story-telling grew under these affects, until he was extremely difficult to comprehend. By the finish of his lifestyle, he frequently spoke backwards, or in cryptic wordplay. By the end of 1974, he passed away after dropping from an overpass. No-one who understood him can acknowledge whether it had been a major accident, or intentional for the film picture idea he previously mentioned fourteen days previous. Rodd Keith also documented beneath the name Fishing rod Rogers, and for quite some time, no melody poem music collector could discover his true identification. Jazz saxophonist Ellery Eskelin discovered that people beyond his family members acquired recordings of his eccentric father’s music, which Keith’s music was respectable; certainly, that he was regarded a genius. Amazed, Eskelin taken to light the storyplot of his dad, Rodney Keith Eskelin. His music shows up for the compilations Defeat from the Traps, as well as the Makers of Soft Music, released on Carnage Press. In 1996, Tzadik released a whole Compact disc of Rodd Keith’s music known as I Passed away Today.

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