Pi attributes her music skills to many years of formal music education. Pi want her audience to trust her abilities tend to be more nurture than character. She represents herself as something of the whacked-out hippie youth where essential beliefs were heavily positioned on lifestyle experience and the wonder which is within art and lifestyle. She swears that her mom took her to numerous even more music gatherings and drum circles than to any movie theater or carnivals. These well-taught beliefs led her to graduate with honors in vocals and bass. Her music beliefs allow Pi to change easily and seamlessly between electrical bass, classical guitar, and keyboards with overall self-confidence and consummate workmanship. In a style declaration expessing pigtails and an elegant full-length blue Muppet hair layer, Pi’s authoritative musicianship and imposing vocal existence provides an eclipsing functionality. Her lyrics are that of a genuine warrior, a survivor, a believer, and permanently an enchanting. These components all serve to create for a robust and compelling display. Pi teamed up with observed manufacturer Pfilbryte, known for his links to Tommy Boy Ignition, Dr. Octagon, and MTV’s REAL LIFE. The conclusion of Pi’s full-length record, Irrational, garnered instant attention, with as much as 20,000 people going to the Pi website on a monthly basis. An invitation to try out at the esteemed Rockrgirl Newspaper convention was designed to Pi and she agreed upon to the tiny but well-respected Fusi Pumper Label.

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