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Lauren Weinger

The majority of Lauren Weinger’s functions are linked to particular sites and were created within mixed media shows that frequently include dance and visual arts. She hardly ever documents and launch her items. A repeating theme in her oeuvre may be the creation of natural-sounding sonic conditions as well as the reconstruction through audio of locations that no more exist (chosen audio sources bringing back again particular recollections) or the evocation of the object (by means of audio portraits). The historic aspect is normally deeply integrated in the task within its essence instead of displayed inside a didactic method. A few of her items have already been staged in grain silos and mattress factories, others included a dancer inside a 500-gallon drinking water container and aerialists. Each is predicated on field recordings produced at the website, transformed and given back into the website. She has caused many choreographers but is rolling out a lasting cooperation with Joanna Haigood — their 1999 piece “Descending Chords” highlighted harpist Zeena Parkins. Her installations have already been heard on the Whitney Museum, The Walker Arts Middle, the American Film Institute (all in america), the Avignon and Arles celebrations (France), as well as the Festival del Centro Historico (Mexico). Her piece “Gargoyle” was included on the compilation of functions for dance An Hearing for a Knee, released by Zoar in 2000. Silo, a single album predicated on her grain silo recordings, arrived two years down the road ReR Megacorp. Weinger shows audio design on the Rhode Isle School of Style as well as the Shool from the Museum of Great Arts in Boston.

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