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Overnight Lows

The Overnight Lows’ official debut full-length premiered this year 2010; nevertheless, the gritty Jackson, MS-based combo experienced, actually, been a existence in the punk picture from the South for pretty much a decade-and-a-half prior. The primary device of husband-and-wife duo Marsh and Daphne Nabors required within the name the Over night Lows in 1995 (the set also spent amount of time in the Comas aswell as with power pop punks Enthusiast!). The music group takes on trashy, scrappy punk that traverses the greater knuckled-headed environs from the punk world, heavy on humming guitars and hooky choruses, and providing obvious nods to goof-offs just like the Upset Samoans and “This Place Sucks”-period Queers, with just a little traditional Black Flag hostility thrown in aswell. A perfect exemplory case of center earning out over any standard knowledge of technique, the band’s drunken, chaotic concert events became the stuff of story and eventually resulted in Memphis’ Goner Information agreeing release a the band’s debut, Town of Rotten Eye. The Nabors had been joined within the recording by drummer Paul Artigues from New Orleans’ Die Rötzz

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