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Mothers of Gut

Los Angeles-based music group Moms of Gut provide a sprawling, cerebral mixture of psychedelia and Krautrock-influenced experimental rock and roll. The group, led by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Freeman, produced in 2007 and utilized a spinning lineup of music artists before solidifying this year 2010 with guitarist William Davies (Duhkha), keyboardist/results manipulator Kristina Collantes, bassist Ryan Bergman (Duhkha), and drummer Dave Gasper (Narwhal Party). Inanimate Sermon, created and recorded in ’09 2009 and released the next springtime, was the music group’s full-length debut. Lifestyle stepped in this year 2010 as Freeman’s dad succumbed to tumor, and the uncooked feelings it evoked in him helped inspire Moms’ sophomore work, Unking, which came on Family Amount of time in spring 2011.

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