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Mike Scaccia

Rapid-fire guitarist Mike Scaccia rose from regional popularity with the Tx thrash titans Rigor Mortis to globe renown with international industrial iconoclasts Ministry. In the middle-’80s, Scaccia’s desire for weighty music and horror flicks business lead him into Rigor Mortis, a roughshod quartet who briefly ruled Dallas mosh pits. Scaccia’s lightning-fast fretwork quickly caught the interest of Chicago’s insidious Al Jourgensen and Paul Barker, who drafted the hirsute axe-man 1st for studio function and then for his or her ensemble touring organization. “Television2” off Ministry’s substantial Psalm 69 showcases Scaccia at his finest and fastest, just like Ministry stood poised to overcome the globe. Like many innovators, countless carbon copies reaped the advantages of boundaries divided by Ministry; however the once-prolific music group shouldered myriad difficulties in the ’90s, saving and touring just sporadically, rather than fully capitalized on the short platinum period. In the meantime, Rigor Mortis, whose various other personnel continued to try out with Speedealer as well as the Hellions, amongst others, constantly threatened to re-form and tour, until Scaccia passed away suddenly in Dec 2012, after having collapsed on-stage throughout a show in Foot. Worth, Tx.

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