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Most widely known in sound circles because the 1 music group on Brian Eno’s Zero NY compilation that had zero musical encounter whatsoever, Mars 1st appeared on the brand new York sound radar in 1977. Originally known as “China”, and created in 1975, the music group that could become Mars would play just a small number of shows within their brief career and will be restricted to a small number of documented tracks. The music group was going for split in 1978 — no matter the look of them on No NY — but were able to stay collectively long plenty of to record materials for an EP, a self-titled affair, posthumously released in 1980. This EP, alongside an early on 7″ and live songs, was released like a compilation — entitled 78+ — in around the Widowspeak label in 1986. Atavistic would re-release the compilation in 1996, and Mars bassist Tag Cunningham’s label Spooky Sound would discharge The Complete Studio room Recordings in 2003. Founders Sumner Crane and Nancy Arlen, who began the music group with Cunningham, Constance “China” Burg, and Rudolph Gray in 1975, tragically passed on in 2003, and 2006, respectively.

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