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London-based DJ and producer Logos (James Parker) is among the primary architects of the lush, atmospheric type of grime influenced by ambient and ’90s jungle and known as “weightless.” Originally appearing over the dubstep picture during the past due 2000s, he gained an enormous quantity of acclaim for his produces on Dusk + Blackdown’s Keysound Recordings, you start with the Kowloon EP in 2012 and carrying on using the 2013 full-length Frosty Objective. He became a citizen DJ at Boxed, a regular group of instrumental grime occasions founded by Mr. Mitch and co-hosted by Slackk. Along with fellow grime innovator Mumdance (Jack port Adams), Logos created two EPs (Genesis and Legion/Proto), before the 2015 full-length Proto, that was released by Pinch’s Tectonic label. Mumdance and Logos also co-founded another event series and label, Different Circles, and both collaborated with Nino Pedone (Shapednoise) for the William Gibson-inspired EP beneath the name the Sprawl. In 2016, Mumdance and Logos showcased their label using the combine Compact disc Present Different Circles.

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