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Lech Janerka

Created in 1953 in Wroclaw, Poland, vocalist, bassist, composer, text message writer, and moreover, a professional photographer in an area geodesy workplace Lech Janerka started his profession with shows alongside his wife Bozena Janerka in student festivals by the end from the ’70s. In 1979, along with Krzysztof Pociecha (acoustic guitar), Wieslaw Mrozik (acoustic guitar), and Kazimierz Sycz (drums) (changed thereafter by Marek Puchala), he began an new influx/punk rock-band Klaus Mitffoch. They released only 1 self-titled recording in 1984, that was recognized probably one of the most essential and prominent ever sold of Polish rock and roll. The group disbanded the same yr. Collaborating along with his wife Bozena (cello), Wojtek Konikiewicz (piano), Janusz Rolt (drums), and guitarist Krzysztof Pociecha, Janerka released his single record Historia Podwodna, which he not merely continued on the brand new influx road started by Klaus Mitffoch, but also attempted his hands at sonic experimentation. In 1987, Janerka, without Rolt, who passed away of a medication overdose, documented the record Piosenki, which sat unreleased until 1989 due to issues with censorship. 1991 present him releasing an electric, almost industrial-sounding record with Ur. In 1993, he released a documenting of acoustic music known as Bez Pradu, that was released alongside a compilation of his function, Co Lepsze Kawalki. In 1994, with Wojciech Seweryn on electric guitar and Artur Dominik on drums, Janerka released a 4th public long-player, Bruhaha, and in 1997, Dobranoc made an appearance. In 2002, a fresh wave-styled record, Fiu Fiu, premiered, made up of help of music artists from Aural World and Wroclaw performer Andrzej Dudek-Dürer, arrived. Janerka also documented a music (“Nadzieja o Wroclawiu”) to advantage Wroclaw’s EXPO 2010 reasonable. He shifted his support band’s lineup around in 2005, adding drummer Michal Mioduszewski, and changing Seweryn, who got passed away in 2004, with guitarist Damian Pielka, and continued to record Plagiaty, which mixed a unique mixture of music made up during his times as students with more lately written lyrics.

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