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Lawrence British is an musician, composer, engineer, article writer, and curator located in Brisbane, Australia. Frequently referred to as ambient music or drone, his recordings and shows typically make use of field recordings and discovered sounds to be able to explore the politics of notion. A few of his afterwards work (like the acclaimed Wilderness of Mirrors) is certainly heavier and noisier, expressing bleakness, desolation, and loneliness through waves of distortion. British has released a large number of single and collaborative recordings on brands including 12k, Series, and Contact. He also works the Area40 label (which includes released recordings by Tim Hecker, Ben Frost, Mike Cooper, and many more) in addition to its related brands Someone Great and HELPFUL INFORMATION to Saints. British has also made audio-visual installations for several galleries and artwork spaces around the world. He in addition has written for a number of publications, like the Cable and Cyclic Defrost. British initially began producing music through the ’90s, dealing with a few commercial and alternative rock and roll rings. He founded Space40 in 2000, and started liberating his experimental recordings, including music commissioned for his installations. In 2002, he released Quiet beneath the name I/O, and he performed within trio I/O3, which caused David Toop, Scanning device, and DJ Olive. In 2003, Quatermass released Pandemic, an experimental hip-hop record British recorded beneath the name Object. His initial single functions under his very own name had been Transit (Cajid Mass media) and Pleasure Will Befall (Crónica), both in 2005. For Differing Degrees of Wintertime made an appearance on Baskaru in 2007, and collaborations with Domenico Sciajno (Merola Shoulder blades) and Ai Yamamoto (Plateau) had been both released on Phono-Statique Information that same calendar year. British collaborated with Tujiko Noriko and John Chantler for an record entitled U, released by Area40 in 2008. Also that calendar year, English’s record Kiri No Oto premiered by Contact in 2008, attaining him more publicity and acclaim. A Color for Fall (featuring efforts by Fennesz and Dean Roberts) premiered by 12k in ’09 2009. Also released that calendar year had been HB (with Francisco López) on Baskaru and it’s really As much as Us to Go on Sirr. Both A Color for Fall and Kiri No Oto had been subsequently released on vinyl fabric by Digitalis. This year 2010, British collaborated with Minamo for an record titled A Route Much less Traveled (Area40), and Contact released his one Incongruous Harmonies within their 7″ series. The Peregrine, motivated by J.A. Baker’s book of the same name, made an appearance on Experimedia in 2011. A cooperation with Stephen Vitiello entitled Acute Inbetweens premiered by Crónica that yr. In 2012, British released For/Not really for John Cage on Richard Chartier’s Collection label. He also released two digital-only albums of field recordings (Tunes from the Living, As well as the Resided In) on Space40. In 2013, Essential Records released English’s vinyl-only drone recording Lonely Women’s Golf club. He also released a break up LP with Alberto Boccardi, a break up 7″ with Xiu Xiu, a cooperation with Akio Suzuki (Boombana Echoes), along with a self-titled LP by Sluggish Walkers, his cooperation with Grouper. Wilderness of Mirrors (Space40) and collaborations with Stephen Vitiello (Fable, Dragon’s Attention Recordings) and Werner Dafeldecker (Darkness from the Monolith, Holotype Editions) had been released in 2014. English’s Viento recording was released on vinyl fabric by Taiga Information in 2015. His recording Approaching Nothing premiered by Baskaru in 2016. Later on in the entire year, British and Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart released Manufacturing plant Photographs beneath the name HEXA. English’s single recording Cruel Optimism made an appearance on Area40 in 2017.

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