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John Congleton

A Grammy Award-winning maker, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, John Congleton, furthermore to his impressive behind-the-board function, was the frontman for nervy post-punk rockers the Paper Run after and, recently, the equally incendiary the Nighty Nite. Between 1998 and 2010 the Tx indigenous released five albums using the Paper Run after, and throughout that period he also worked within the studio having a bevy of top-notch performers, including St. Vincent, the Origins/Erykah Badu, Swans, Battle on Medicines, and Hill Goats, to mention just a couple. Following the dissolution from the Paper Run after this year 2010, Congleton shaped the Nighty Nite and released a four-song EP, Dimples, via Bandcamp and Graveface Information. The Nighty Nite’s full-length debut, system.drawing.bitmap Possum-issued Before Horror Moves, followed in early 2016.

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