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Jehan Titelouze

Though Renaissance-era composer Jehan Titelouze is a reasonably obscure figure in music today, he was a well-known musician in his time, observed both for his virtuoso organ playing and his organ works. Actually, Titelouze rightly gained the popularity as the initial important French author of body organ music. His whole body organ output is within two quantities: Hymnes de l’Eglise put toucher sur l’orgue (Chapel hymns for body organ) and Le Magnificat, ou cantique de la Vierge (Magnificat, the track from the Virgin). Titelouze also made up three people for choir and probably wrote plenty of other functions whose manuscripts had been subsequently lost. Both compilations are significant in that these were the 1st body organ collections released in sixteenth hundred years France. Beyond this variation, in addition they serve as the legacy of the person who is named the 1st significant composer from your French body organ school. Titelouze’s body organ works aren’t accessible on recordings today, however, many have been released in selections from Naxos, Centaur, Atma Classique, Priory Information, and Motette. Jehan Titelouze was created in Saint-Omer, Spanish Netherlands in 1562-1563. Small is well known of his early years, though from the 1580s he was among the supplementary organists in the Saint-Omer Cathedral. He started research for the priesthood before 1585, where period he was evidently very skilled both as an organist and composer. In 1688 he was appointed organist in the Cathédrale Notre-Dame in Rouen, being successful François Josseline. Titelouze kept the post until his loss of life in 1633. He was called cannon in 1610 and thereafter resided comfortably within the benefices of his articles. It was not really before 1620s that Titelouze’s functions appeared on the net: Hymnes de l’Eglise put toucher sur l’orgue was released in 1623 and Le Magnificat, ou cantique de la Vierge made an appearance in 1626. Despite their past due publication times, the works had been created throughout his profession. Titelouze was energetic from 1588 until at least 1623 like a specialist on body organ installation and recovery. Key among his function in this undertaking was the reconstruction of the body organ at his very own Cathédrale Notre-Dame in 1601. Upon this task he collaborated with esteemed body organ constructor Crespin Carlier. Titelouze received two esteemed citations for his poetry in the Académie des Palinods (a prominent literary culture in Rouen), the initial to arrive 1613 as well as the last mentioned in 1630.

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